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 Holybelief Animation beefness

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PostSubject: Holybelief Animation beefness   Tue May 14, 2013 1:07 am

Hello, My name is Hunter and I have been around for 6 years (most of those were lurking on youtube) and animating for two years.
Hope you enjoy my long listed animation below!

Oldest - Newest (most of them may not be in order)

Upcoming Animation-
GIF - GIF Collab 3 (2+)
GIF/Flash - Faction war with Valor.

Recent Animation-


(2009-2012, Coming back to it soon or later)
Coming Soon!

First GIF
Second GIF
Jackbowser Bash
Derek bash
Abused Derek
Madness Bash 1
Vs Uncle 2k
Vs Karvin
Vs Zoemoney
Aleck Bash 1
Faze vs Makani
Felix Vs Gregio
Hank Bash
Stuff 1
Niaya Bash
Stuff 2
Reggie bash
Gregio Bash
Failed Endless Epic
VS Dippey
Vs Jun/Mabi
Stuff 3
Stuff 4
Hunter bash 1
Gif Collab 2 part
Luna Bash
Vs Felix 1
Vs Felix 2
Vs Felix 3
Vs Felix 4
Color War 1
Color war 2
Madness Bash 2
Vs Felix (rematch)
Jaws Bash
Vs Alecks
Alecks Bash 2
Daniel Bash
Random Bash
(between here is some space im leaving due to missing animations will be found in the future.)
Hank Cooper Bash
Vs UndieBandit
DJ Bash
Maplemation Forum War
Mikey Bash
GIF Collab 3 part 1
GIF Collab 3 part 2
Ven Bash

First Photoshop
Second Photoshop
Hoonter Sword Test
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Holybelief Animation beefness
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