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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2013 12:16 am

1.) Don't Spam
We wouldn't want the forum being flooded by pointless posts. Spam includes double posts (do not post again until 24 hours after your first), threads with no real meaning, and 4 or less word posts (Bumps not included.) Also, if the topic's purpose has been fulfilled, it will be locked right away by a Moderator or an admin. Don't spam in it because you WILL be banned!

2.) Cussing/Flaming/Trolling
These are also considered spam but have more effect on whether you will be banned or not. you may curse but try not to over do it i mean some thing like "shit i messed up" or "fuck it" is ok but "shut the fuck up you pussy ass bitch dick head" is auto ban.

3.) Necroposting
DONT FACKIN REVIVE DEAD THREADS. if you want a link to be revived or something else just pm them to fix it

4.) No porn/nudity, with restrictions...
Do not post any porn video/pics or nude pictures any were on this site you will be banned if doing so. On the other hand if its your own work and you post it in the art section with a tag that says [18+]

5.) No supporting piracy
No linking to illegal download or anything such ass keygens or cracks for programs. We do not support that on this web site and we don't want to get in trouble. This is for everyone's own good.

6.) No offensive posts
I mean no racist and/or sexist posts on your sigs pictures or jokes. It's OK to joke around with stuff like this, but if someone gets offended someone gets a time out. (banned for a bit)

Multiaccounting is not allowed. It is not okay to pretend to be someone else for your own amusement. Doing so will result in a small ban.

Rules are Credited to TheSpritas

More rules may be added later on.
Have a nice day and dont try to smart ass your way around these rules.

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